Supervision and Professional Development

In addition to personal therapy, I also work with people in a supervisory role.  Supervision is a space where individuals can explore the challenges of their work and work environments and how these impact on their health, wellbeing and practice as professionals in their chosen career.  It is similar to therapy, but general focus is on work and self-development with regards to their career and an opportunity to develop reflective practice which is known to improve work experience and psychological wellbeing in relation to work.  The areas of work and private life overlap, of course, and individuals might also experience shifts in private life through their experiences of supervision.  However, supervision is focused on work life.  Any organization and any profession, especially those which deal with people and children, would benefit from frequent supervision for management and employees in order to improve productivity, engagement with work and overall mental health of the workforce.  

The terms of service all apply to supervision, with a few differences to be noted: 

Sessions, Fees and Frequency

Sessions for supervision can be individual or group.  Individual sessions are 50 minutes in length and group sessions are adjusted depending on how big the group is.  Maximum for group supervision is four (4) people and these sessions would last 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The fee for the individual supervision session is £130 and for group supervision is £250.

These fees are also subject to review after January 2025.

The frequency of supervision is usually once or twice a month depending on the workload.  The duration of the supervision can depend on who is the fee payer.  If your work is providing supervision for you then the supervision provision would be provided as long as that remains a policy or you remain employed there.  If you are the fee payer and have started private supervision, the duration can be short or long term, with regular reviews of the process.


Employees can be concerned about engaging in supervision that is funded by their employer because they are worried that the employer will be told what is discussed, especially if the issues presented are with senior individuals at the workplace.  As in therapy, confidentiality is the most important safety measure of this process and the reasons of why it might be necessary to disclose information remain the same as specified above.  I ensure that the employers who are willing to pay for supervision for their employees understand the nature of supervision, the boundaries of disclosure and the importance of secure and safe space for professionals to discuss their concerns.  In group supervision, all members are expected to respect the confidentially rules and these are explained and specified at the start. 

First Contact and Contracts

If you are interested in private supervision or you are an employer interested to provide supervision for your employees, do get in touch for a free 15-minute discussion about the process or to ask any question that you might have.  If you decide to proceed with supervision, you will be asked to fill in the Supervision Contract and Agreement Form.  In case of supervision provided by the workplace, the agreement forms will be sent to supervisees once first contact is established with them.   

If you would like to discuss supervision arrangements, please get in touch.